Are the pain and memory of past events interfering with your relationships, your work, your life?

Recent or long ago trauma or abuse may be affecting you today, making it hard for you to trust, to sleep well, to feel safe.

Today, there are new therapy approaches that will allow you to be free from the heavy burden of these memories, able to enjoy life without feeling triggered.

Sometimes there has been a recent traumatic experience – a shocking accident, illness or injury – losing someone you love – a sexual assault, a mugging, robbery.

You might have witnessed it. You might have been the physical victim.

You might have been the survivor when others were abused, injured or died.

Perhaps there was an experience in your childhood, a single event or a series of events, of neglect, mistreatment, verbal, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.

You may ask yourself: “Why can’t I get over it?”

You may be experiencing nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks (where you relive the trauma again and again with physical symptoms), intrusive thoughts.
You may find yourself avoiding anything that reminds you of the experience.
You may be easily startled, edgy, tense, irritable.
You may find yourself feeling emotionally numb.
You may find intimate relationships challenging.
You may feel overwhelming guilt, shame, hopelessness.

When people do not have the opportunity to process trauma at the time that it occurs, it remains unprocessed with all the related emotions and negative thinking and continues to exert its influence. Traumatic memories that have not been processed are stored in the Amygdala, the emotional or limbic part of the brain. A new experience that seems in any way similar can trigger the feelings, thoughts and sensations associated with that memory.

I was trained in  EMDR by its founder, Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., in 1994 and have been using it successfully ever since to help clients free themselves from the distressing symptoms of PTSD

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EMDR is a psychotherapy which allows rapid processing of even long buried trauma. It was first used with Vietnam Vets for whom nothing else had worked, proving itself to be a fairly short-term and effective means of treating those whose lives were damaged though their bodies were intact.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Definition

This disorder develops in some people who have experienced a frightening, shocking, or dangerous event that has been so upsetting the person is unable to process it and he or she may continue to experience fear and distress weeks, months and years after the event is over.

Symptoms may include:
- Flashbacks, nightmares
- Negative thoughts about oneself, guilt and blame
- Avoidance of people, places, events, objects, and thoughts that are reminders of the experience
- Hypervigilance, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, & irritability
- Less pleasure in life
- Difficulties in intimate relationships

By definition, symptoms must last longer than a month and must interfere with functioning in relationships and/or at work. Typically, symptoms begin within three months of the traumatic event, but sometimes begin later.